9th SIAM Styling & Design Conclave and
7th Automotive Design Challenge (ADC)

Design is the way forward into future. It is the sole mean to interpret and express the future. Any scope of life, design has its presence. Mobility is one aspect which rakes heavily on design. Looks of a vehicle has always played an important role in a customer's buying decision. In a scenario, where customers have become increasingly demanding seeking personalization when it comes to owning vehicles, design has become all the more critical. A good design is rather a need than just a cess.

We are happy to inform you that following the successful conduct of the previous seven SIAM Styling & Design Conclaves, SIAM is planning to organize the 9th Styling & Design Conclave along with the 7th Automotive Design Challenge (ADC) in New Delhi, as per the following details:

Date of the conclave : 7th February, 2015
Venue of the conclave : Pune, India

The theme for the conclave will be announced shortly.

There will be senior designers from India and abroad who will be sharing their experiences with case studies on iconic products, effective design process and on role of design in building and sustaining brands.

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